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Why Consistent Brand Presentation is Important for Recruitment Marketing

2 min read · By Academic Positions · Published 2 years ago

As the number of universities has steadily increased, so has the competition at those institutions. Recruitment marketing is now essential for universities looking to hire the most qualified and diverse candidates. 

Recruitment marketing is the practice of using marketing strategies to promote the value of working for a particular employer as a way to attract, engage, and recruit employees. It allows universities to showcase not only academic research and accolades, but also their community ideals and unique opportunities to draw candidates in. 

One important aspect of recruitment marketing is building brand awareness. There are a variety of ways to do this, such as social media campaigns, email marketing, and a comprehensive career website. But one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness is by focusing on consistent visual identity. 

Your visual identity helps to strengthen your brand. According to ReviewTrackers, organizations with a strong brand awareness are “more likely to improve employee loyalty, contribute to solid brand reputation management, increase employee motivation levels…and attract and secure the right talent.” 

While it may seem like your brand’s presentation and visibility are less important aspects of successful recruitment, they actually help to build the foundation for attracting talent. A branded presentation on Academic Positions can help you get started. 

What is a Branded Presentation?

In order to help you enhance your brand visibility, our recruitment experts will help you create an employer profile on Academic Positions that matches your distinct brand identity. This branded presentation is a comprehensive landing page with everything a potential candidate would want to know about your university from open positions to attractive benefits to location specific perks. 

Academic Positions’ nearly 4 million annual visitors are highly invested in learning more about universities worldwide. A branded presentation is the perfect opportunity to showcase your university’s strengths and benefits and increase your brand awareness among active and passive job seekers. 

Can’t I Just Use My Own Website?

Universities are large, complex organizations. It stands to reason, their websites are large and complex. While your university may have a career page, it’s likely mostly only dedicated to open positions. Interested candidates have to then poke around your site to find other information that might interest them in your school like current research priorities, potential colleagues, or support services. 

Our branded presentations curate the most relevant information to potential candidates. They will help both active and passive job seekers not only browse your open positions, but also understand your community and culture with powerful employee profiles, useful statistics, and a well crafted message that allows you to appeal directly to academics. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Strong Visual Identity 

A strong visual identity is an essential, but often misunderstood, part of branding. Having a cohesive look and on-brand design language across all your communications channels, reflects and enhances your brand story. 

While there is no one metric to prove consistent visual identity translates into greater brand awareness, there is plenty of evidence to point to its effectiveness. For example, the time visitors spend on our branded presentations is longer than a non-branded employer profile. The longer candidates stay on your page, the more they read and the more interested they become. Additionally, engagement is higher on branded presentations compared to non-branded profiles, since more candidates click through to view a second page. 

Josh Ritchie, co-founder of advertising firm ColumnFive notes, “Strong brand communication is about providing value to the people you’re trying to build a relationship with. Whether it’s through education, entertainment, or inspiration, the content you create should be meaningful and serve a purpose in some way.” Our brand presentations are designed to help build and strengthen this relationship by giving you opportunity to create content specifically catered to recruitment.

Take a look at how NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and KTH Royal Institute of Technology have utilized their unique branded presentations to highlight their institutions. Then get in touch to get started creating your own.  


Download your free academic recruitment marketing guide

This guide will give you an overview of what recruitment marketing is, why your university needs to start using it, and how to get started.


Download your free academic recruitment marketing guide

This guide will give you an overview of what recruitment marketing is, why your university needs to start using it, and how to get started.


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