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We understand the pivotal role industry scientists play in driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in various industries. Our platform is designed to connect companies with top-tier scientific talent to lead and support your industrial research initiatives.


Comprehensive industry scientist recruitment

Elevate your research capabilities by leveraging Academic Positions’ state-of-the-art recruitment marketing and employer branding solutions tailored for industry scientist roles.

Job advertising

Connect with top global scientific talent through our comprehensive recruiting platform.

Targeted Campaigns

Reach ideal candidates efficiently with our data-driven targeted recruitment campaigns.

Employer branding

Enhance your company’s visibility and reputation with our strategic employer branding services.

Strategic storytelling

Promote your research projects through compelling narratives that attract top talent.

Integrated publishing

Ensure a smooth hiring process with our recruitment solutions’ seamless integrations.

Insights & Analytics

Enhance your recruitment strategies with our powerful insights and advanced analytics tools.

Key Benefits

Why choose Academic Positions for your Scientist recruitment?

International reach & visibility

Partnering with leading companies and research institutions worldwide, we ensure your positions are visible to a diverse and highly qualified pool of candidates. Attract top industry scientific talent in fields such as life sciences, physical sciences, engineering and technology, social sciences, business and economics, and more.

High-quality candidates

Our platform attracts high-quality, motivated candidates who are serious about their scientific careers in the industrial sector. By listing your vacancies with us, you increase your chances of connecting with candidates who meet your high standards and can immediately contribute to your projects.

Tailored Scientist targeting

Recruiting the right industry scientists requires targeted strategies. Our platform allows you to customize your job listings to specific market needs, ensuring you reach candidates with the relevant expertise. Whether you're looking for scientists in R&D, innovation, or applied sciences, Academic Positions provides the tools to connect with the right talent.

Expert guidance and support

Our team of recruitment consultants supports you throughout the recruitment process. From crafting compelling job descriptions to optimizing your listings for maximum visibility, we provide the expertise needed to attract top scientific talent. Our goal is to make your recruitment process as smooth and effective as possible.

Success stories

Customer testimonials

Success stories

Case studies

Learn how other institutions have benefitted by leveraging the power of Academic Positions academic recruitment and employer branding solutions.

Case study

15 PhDs and Postdocs to the MECS Cluster of Excellence

MECS aimed to bolster its research team by attracting top PhD and Postdoc talent in their field. To achieve this, they engaged Academic Positions, leveraging our expertise in academic recruitment...
Sentinel-5P_credit_ESA_ATG_medialab - Lisa Marie Perna (1)
Case study

Attracting Top Scientists and Engineers through Storytelling

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, a prestigious space science organization, strived to become a more appealing workplace for international instrument scientists and engineers, with a special emphasis on attracting...
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