Employer branding

Take control of your employer brand

Stand out in a competitive market with solutions to engage and attract potential candidates.

An integrated approach to the candidate journey

Our talent-attraction model is designed to increase the flow of candidates to your institution.


Candidates discover your institution and what you have to offer potential employees.


Candidates learn more about your institution and engage with your employer brand.


Candidates are inspired to join your institution and apply for a vacant position.

Influence candidates at every step of their journey

Academic Positions helps you create the right message and promote it to the right candidates in the right context.
Spark interest in your preferred target audience with an inspirational story about your organization’s researchers.
Employer promotions
Engage potential candidates by sharing the benefits of working at your institution.
Candidate activation
Target candidates considering your organization with relevant job opportunities.
Employer branding

Why employer branding?

Building a strong employer brand helps institutions attract and retain quality employees.

Higher quality candidates

Through employer branding, you can attract quality candidates who understand your institution’s values.

Become competitive

Employer branding helps your institution stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Lower cost per hire

Build a pipeline of candidates who actively seek your institution out.


Learn how your team could benefit

Our tips to stay competitive in a fast-paced world and attract the top international talent.

Using storytelling to attract a difficult candidate group

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is well known among space researchers, but less so among instrument scientists and engineers.

Case study | SRON

Building a global community with RMIT Vietnam

RMIT Vietnam was established in 2000 and as a satellite campus of the well-known Australian university.

Client story | RMIT

How HKI Attracts Top Life Science Researchers

HKI was founded in 1992 and has been a member of the Leibniz Association since 2003.

Client story | HKI

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