Case study

15 PhDs and Postdocs to the MECS Cluster of Excellence

The Cluster of Excellence, “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” (MECS), associated with TU Wien, University of Vienna, ISTA and University of Innsbruck (Austria), addresses the global energy crisis, aiming to eliminate reliance on fossil fuels through basic research and atomic process understanding. 

Case study

Background & Objectives

MECS aimed to bolster its research team by attracting top PhD and Postdoc talent in their field. To achieve this, they engaged Academic Positions, leveraging our expertise in academic recruitment marketing.

Objective #1

Attract additional qualified candidates from across Europe to join the MECS Cluster of Excellence.

Objective #2

Utilize a targeted and efficient recruitment marketing campaign to maximize visibility and applicant quality.

Objective #3

Connect with top global academic talent through our comprehensive recruiting platform.

Case Study

Our approach

Enhancing visibility and engagement for top PhD and Postdoc talent in energy materials science.

Detailed AUDIENCE Segmentation

A detailed audience planning and segmentation analysis was conducted to clearly define our target audience: MSc and PhD graduates interested in energy-related materials science research on doctoral as well as postdoctoral level.

Candidate-centric campaign design

By incorporating clear calls-to-action and informative job descriptions, we facilitated a user-friendly experience for interested candidates to reduce friction in the application process.

multi-channel promotion

Our promotion strategy expanded to an international scale, utilizing the Academic Positions Network and various social media channels to ensure widespread visibility.

continuous optimization

We closely monitored campaign metrics to understand engagement levels and refined our approach continuously to improve the campaign performance.

Case study

The outcome

The recruitment campaign for the MECS Cluster of Excellence achieved remarkable success, reaching over 35,000 individuals and prompting more than additional 200 candidates to start the application process. This wide-reaching effort culminated in the successful hiring of additional 15 highly qualified researchers, significantly enhancing the Cluster’s research team and capabilities.


Viewed the campaign


Started their application


People were hired

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