Employer branding

Create a pipeline of high quality candidates

We can help you stand out in a competitive market and attract candidates who understand what makes your institution a special place to work.


Why should you work with employer branding?

Building a strong employer brand helps institutions attract and retain top talent.

Higher quality candidates

Candidates who have a better understanding of your institution’s values are more invested in writing quality applications.

Increased competitiveness

With over 25,000 universities in the world, employer branding helps your institution stand out and remain top of mind.

Improved research output

Attracting and retaining talented researchers is imperative for making new discoveries and achieving scientific excellence.

our solutions

Boost the visibility of your employer brand

Our range of employer branding products help generate awareness, consideration, and interest in your institution.

Academic Stories

Spark interest in your preferred candidate group with an inspirational Academic Story and campaign about how your organization helps researchers maximize their potential.  

Employer promotion campaigns

Generate awareness and interest in your organization’s profile on Academic Positions with a campaign that shares what makes you a great employer. 

Branded profiles

Strengthen your brand by making sure it is visible throughout the candidate’s journey on Academic Positions. 

Case studies

Learn how your team could benefit

Learn how other institutions have benefitted by leveraging the power of Academic Positions academic recruitment and employer branding solutions.

Case study

15 PhDs and Postdocs to the MECS Cluster of Excellence

MECS aimed to bolster its research team by attracting top PhD and Postdoc talent in their field. To achieve this, they engaged Academic Positions, leveraging our expertise in academic recruitment...
Sentinel-5P_credit_ESA_ATG_medialab - Lisa Marie Perna (1)
Case study

Attracting Top Scientists and Engineers through Storytelling

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, a prestigious space science organization, strived to become a more appealing workplace for international instrument scientists and engineers, with a special emphasis on attracting...

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