Attracting Top Scientists and Engineers through Storytelling

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is a space science research institute that develops pioneering technology and advanced space instruments to pursue fundamental astrophysical research, Earth science and exoplanetary research.

Case study

Background & Objectives

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is a prestigious space science research organization known for its innovative technology and advanced space instruments. The institute conducts fundamental research in astrophysics, Earth sciences, and exoplanetary studies, advising the Dutch government and coordinating national contributions to international space missions.

Objective #1

Promote SRON as an attractive workplace for international instrument scientists and engineers, with a special focus on women.

Objective #2

Utilize a targeted and efficient strategic storytelling marketing campaign to maximize visibility and awareness of SRON.

Objective #3

Evaluate Academic Positions as a recruitment marketing partner.

Case Study

Our approach

Combining content marketing with strategic storytelling, an innovative approach was developed to attract potential candidates for the role of instrument scientist at SRON.


An ambassador story was crafted to appeal to instrument scientists by highlighting the institution’s mission and featuring Lorena Ferrari, an instrument scientist at SRON. The story emphasized what drew Lorena to SRON, her role, and the unique features that make SRON an appealing employer.

Featured ambassador

Lorenza Ferrari is an instrument scientist at the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) and a project leader for the PLATO AIT phase.


Detailed AUDIENCE Segmentation

Detailed audience planning and segmentation  focusing on international instrument scientists and engineers, with particular attention to women.

multi-channel promotion

International promotion strategy leveraging the Academic Positions Network and various social media channels to ensure widespread visibility.

continuous optimization

Close monitoring of campaign metrics and engagement levels led to continuous refinement of the approach, improving performance over time.

Case study

The outcome

The SRON campaign successfully reached the target audience and inspired the desired candidate group, particularly women, to consider SRON as an employer.


views of the campaign


story readers


female candidates

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