Educating Tomorrow’s International Business Leaders

Management Center Innsbruck

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the Entrepreneurial SchoolⓇ, brings together the best of science, economics, and the world of business to offer high-quality undergraduate and graduate education. The institution stands out for its academic quality, practical focus, and solutions-oriented research as well as close connections with the business world. MCI’s programs are internationally-oriented to give its students a competitive advantage and help them build strong global networks. This global outlook also reflects the current business landscape, which is becoming more and more international. Having diverse staff helps MCI keep up with this pace and provide versatile development opportunities to their students. 

For these reasons MCI prioritizes internationality when it comes to both students and faculty. The institution believes that having colleagues from around the world helps both students and staff broaden their perspectives and enriches their work. When it comes to hiring new faculty members, MCI wants to ensure its vacancies reach a diverse, global audience. Since 2014, MCI has been advertising their faculty vacancies on Academic Positions, the international academic career portal. Academic Positions helps MCI reach potential candidates across the globe. Through this partnership, MCI is able to find the faculty it needs to empower its students to achieve the outstanding.